Come take a look at our work process flow...

Custom craftsmanship

Starts with a design idea


If you have an idea of a unique piece of furniture that would fit that special spot in your home, work with our designers to sketch it out.

Wood selection follows


 The look and feel of various woods create significant differences in how the finished project will ultimately look and fit into your room.

Welding is sketched


In many cases, different types of metal are utilized as a small or significant portion of a piece of furniture.

Getting started . . .


Design in hand, materials selected and acquired..... it is time to get started! The look and feel begin to come alive with each advance.

Putting it together . .


Glue and clamps, screws and fasteners, it all comes together.... some minute detailed sanding . . .

Close to finishing . . .


Unique finishes, some natural, others startling colors! It's all coming together.